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Resource Augmentation

Resource Augmentation is a crucial aspect of building great software products. At LinearSix, we strongly believe that the key to building successful products lies in having great people on board. Our experienced pool of engineers, designers, analysts, thinkers and project managers have obtained in-depth experience in building modern software products for a wide range of industries, including start-ups, central banks, banks, finance and insurance companies. Our stringent selection process helps us identify individuals with the right attitude, aptitude and core values necessary to build great products and scalable systems.


So, if you are short of talented people to scale your current product, or if you are a start-up who needs an experienced team of talented individuals who have built highly scalable, secure, high-performance software products using modern technologies such as cloud, blockchain, machine learning, and open-source solutions, we can provide you with the right people. Our engagement models are flexible, and we can offer you our services on a per day, per month, or any other long-term contract that suits your requirements.


Our people come from leading universities and possess world-class education and strong values essential for building extraordinary software products. We believe that by augmenting your team with our people, you can gain a competitive advantage in the market and achieve success faster and more affordably, and with the greatest possible degree of flexibility.

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