Chetan Kari – Thinking ahead and Seizing Opportunities

FinTech 3 Min read time 16 Aug 2021
LinearSix Admin

Chetan Kari – Chief Delivery Officer

Chetan Kari needs no introduction to the FinTech field in Sri Lanka. He is a known expert in managing Infosys Finacle projects and his ability to deliver highly effective technical solutions to run these projects has made him a go to person. A co-founder at LinearSix, Chetan functions as their Chief Delivery Officer (CDO) and has been with the company since its inception.

“I currently own the delivery operations at LinearSix. Managing Infosys Finacle projects and ensuring smooth operations are part of my key responsibilities” states this silent contributor who has been a strength to his team. Ishan Wijetunga, COO, LinearSix points out, “His name is synonymous with Infosys Finacle in Sri Lanka. All Finacle banks running core banking applications knows him”.

Prior to LinearSix, Chetan was leading support and implementation engagements in his previous organizations. The exposure gave him in-depth knowledge and insight into the Sri Lankan BFSI market which he felt lacked a wholistic systems integrator and a solution provider. Chetan states the product stack offered was very limited, due to which the companies could not leverage on the new age technology. “The market has tremendous potential for growth hitherto stunted by technical limitations, and I feel LinearSix can fill this gap” elaborates Chetan when asked what drove him to become part of a start-up when he had a very comfortable job at a leading IT organization in Sri Lanka.

Chetan is a man with a lot of foresight, and he saw the opportunity to be involved in a journey that would transform the technology landscape in Sri Lanka. “I knew the market and I had networks in place; making a difference through our startup was plausible. Albeit the risks involved in leaving a well settled job, grabbing the opportunity to fulfill my vision felt like the apt choice. Moreover, the coming together of like-minded individuals with unique skill sets meant that the journey was bound to be more thrilling and fulfilling in the long run”. “Chetan’s passion for technology has made him a world class engineer” states Mario Gooneratne, CEO, LinearSix and highlights that “Chetan is one of the most reliable technologists I have come across in my career and we’re fortunate to have him in our leadership team”.

In the last 4 years LinearSix has made its presence in 6 banking and financial companies in Sri Lanka. In next 3 years Chetan is confident the company will be extending its product and service offerings for a wider customer base beyond Sri Lanka.

In his free time Chetan likes to read travel and hike. Amongst his favourite authors are Robert Ludlum, Ken Follet and James Patterson. However, he states he is currently hooked on to David Baldacci and has added him to his list of favourites. “My all-time favourite book is Tristan Betrayal by Robert Ludlum”.

His favorite travel destination is Himachal Pradesh in India he says “Where I enjoyed the best bike ride of my life so far. I have done a lot of hikes in Central and Northern India but the most memorable one was Chandrasheela in Uttarakhand (a North Indian state). It was my wife’s idea to pick the destination. Although not the toughest, the hike was scenic right from the base camp to the summit. This being the only Himalayan hike with my wife made it memorable” he elaborates.

A man of few words he believes in thinking ahead and uses Stephen Covey’s quote “Your most important work is always ahead of you, never behind you”. Ishan’s statement that “Chetan has moved from working in traditional application architectures to modern tech. He leverages his knowledge of both worlds to solve age old problems in the core banking space” only elaborates how well Chetan has adopted this philosophy.