Saad Mansoor – CFO and Co-Founder – Supporting the creation of an Idea Meritocracy

FinTech 3 Min read time 1 Jul 2021
LinearSix Admin

Saad is the Chief Financial Officer at LinearSix and his main role and responsibility is to ensure the business objectives are translated into financial goals. To achieve this, he has to ensure the capital utilization is efficient, the internal controls and governance systems are in place, and they have the right financials partners on board to take LinearSix from strength to strength.

When asked what made Saad invest his time and skills on a start up he stated, “As an investor, I had tremendous faith in the Core team. I believe we have an extremely skilled team with diverse areas of specialization, this among a few others I believe is a recipe for success”.

Saad decided to invest his time because he believed in the core mission of the company. “We really do believe technology is going to be at the forefront of change in the financial services industry and through LinearSix, we get to solve some of the most complex problems that could transform the community in which we live”.

While LinearSix is a company that was incorporated in Sri Lanka, the company’s leadership team has set their ambitions to break into the global market. Saad elaborates “Within three years I hope that LinearSix is playing a pivotal role in the financial industry regionally and globally”.

Saad is a man of few words, and he lets his work speak for itself. He believes LinearSix is an ideal platform that is open to innovative thinking and states, “I believe in investing into the best of talent, that have diversity in skills, background and intelligence and as a successful leader, you have to ensure the structures are in place for the best ideas to win, immaterial of seniority, gender or designation. The creation of an idea meritocracy if you will.”