Nadeesha Perera – Director and Co-Founder – Driving Business Growth

Profile 3 Min read time 14 Jun 2021
LinearSix Admin

Nadeesha plays multiple roles at LinearSix which includes responsibilities as Shareholder & Director. His direct responsibility as part of the leadership team is primarily to drive business growth. As chief commercial officer, Nadeesha overlooks the entire sales process, from point of lead generation to deal closure. His role also includes a combination of sales strategy and account management, and bears the responsibility to Nurture, Expand and Retain customer loyalty.

When asked what made him invest his time, resources and energy in a start-up he stated that “I’m very grateful to have worked in some great organizations before LinearSix which equipped me with vital skills to take on this challenge. My vision has been to showcase Sri Lanka as a formidable player in the global IT Space, and I wanted to use my skills and experience and be part of an organization where I can contribute to building innovative and dynamic solutions in the Fintech industry. The success of any start-up depends on the people who lay the foundation and are determined to turn vision into reality. The flexible work environment that is encouraging and is open to innovation, and the bonds you form with people are the key to success.”

Nadeesha is confident that LinearSix will be a highly regarded and formidable force in Fin tech space in the region. “We have aspirations to venture out of Sri Lanka and with the talent and capabilities we have, and with the talent pool in the Sri Lankan IT sector, this is definitely achievable”.

The vast experience and knowledge Nadeesha have gained playing different roles, has given him great insight. He states, “One thing I’ve come to realize is that Change is inevitable, how you adapt to this change is what will define your success”.