LinearSix Empowers Women in IT Engineering

Women in Engineering 3 Min read time 4 Mar 2021
LinearSix Admin

Engineers are not born but made and empowered, and for LinearSix, adding diversity to their team has been a critical success factor from the start of its operations. In an age when the traditionally male dominant field of engineering is changing where women engineers are taking the reins to bring in innovation and operational expertise, LinearSix, the digital transformation specialist is thriving by empowering women to take on exciting roles within the organization.

Believing in equal opportunity, LinearSix hires the best engineers to operate their business. Ishan Wijetunge, COO, LinearSix states, “Engineering requires twenty-four seven attention and if a person is willing to put in the hard work and passion that fuels our growth, we hire them irrespective of the norms that exist in the industry.”

As such, Anjanee Nimasha, Tharushika Warnakulasuriya and Keshani Amarasena are successful IT Engineers, all of whom have contributed to the company’s innovation streak and successful journey.

Tharushika Warnakulasuriya, a Senior Business Analyst on the team of LinearSix’s flagship brand “Lime”, plays a key role in working alongside her team to understand their customers requirements and solve their pain points. With the company’s key clients being some of the leading banks in the country, Tharushika plays a crucial role in liaising with various business and IT stakeholders as the central reference point, collaborating and coordinating between internal and external parties to outline problems, identify opportunities and propose solutions. She has played an integral role in helping design solutions to assist banks improve their marketing performance, boost customer retention rates, and simplify their client onboarding processes. Tharushika cites that being a part of this team has been the highlight of her career and terms that working on each of the projects has been “a priceless experience”.

An alumni of University of Moratuwa who joined LinearSix, as a Senior Software Engineer, Anjanee Nimasha currently handles the “Lime” technical team to provide training and mentoring to colleagues, while being engaged in customer relationships where she offers client solutions, including technical resolutions, that drive change and enable transformation derived from fact-based analysis. She is also involved in designing, developing, and modifying software platforms to fit client requirements while optimizing their performance. She appreciates the equal treatment her company gives irrespective of gender bias that exists in the industry.

Handling several important areas of work, including analysis of user requests and requirements, checking the feasibility of solutions to meet client needs, determining the best course of action to create applications, and software development and developer testing, is Keshani Amarasena, another engineer on the LinearSix team. Keshani states that she was never afraid to challenge convention and got into the field of engineering because she was passionate about the subject.

These futuristic minded, personalities highlights they believe there are no gaps or discrimination for females who are passionate and dedicated in working towards growth while being goal focused and eager to take up new challenges and responsibilities that broaden their

horizons. They affirm that women, with their unique personalities brings a new perspective to drive innovation and are naturally empowered to prosper in the field of engineering.


The traditionally male-dominant field of engineering is in the cusp of change, and it has never been a better time to be a woman in the field of engineering in Sri Lanka. Thriving with its equal-opportunity centered team-balance, LinearSix encourages more women engineers to take the reins and usher in innovation and operational expertise to bring about the next chapter of synergistic growth in the fintech industry.