Lime – LinearSix launches solution for “new age” Financial Services

Press Release 3 Min read time 4 Feb 2021
LinearSix Admin

Digital technology is changing the way financial products and services are accessed and used, and the innovative and disruptive financial technologies being introduced by banks through futuristic solution providers are increasing choice and improving convenience for these industries.

LinearSix with a strong commitment to technological innovation in the financial services sector, has over the past four years taken an increasingly active role in supporting the development of value driven contemporary technologies for the financial services and banking organizations.

As such, LinearSIx has introduced a smart banking solution to the industry to enable users to perform banking operations without the hassle of switching between multiple systems. ‘Lime’ by LinearSix, is a chat based, conversational workflow interface that streamlines user experience by seamlessly integrating systems both within and external to the bank.

Director at LinearSix, Dinesh Thomas explains, “Lime was conceived to solve fundamental problems within banks. Our primary focus is on the user, whose experience is often overlooked in the pursuit of superior customer experience. Identifying the need to cater to the new age employee, Lime enables banks to generate great internal user experiences which translates into more competent and efficient employees and ultimately leads to better customer experiences.”

Mr. Thomas further highlights: “Lime solves very specific business problems such as customer on-boarding and origination, debt collection and recoveries, customer care and certain banking operations, and is built to meet the needs of users through multiple devices and interfaces and Omni Channel Experiences, thus enhancing productivity through time and cost savings among other benefits.”

With reduced documentation needs and faster turnaround times, organizations can really capitalize on cost efficient operations with Lime, resulting in the ability to redeploy employees towards other priorities while increasing top line growth and minimizing operational risks that are usually human-centric and process-oriented.

“Lime is designed to empower users in order to maximize efficiency as well as employee morale, which paves the way to employees thinking and acting smart – a critical success factor in today’s dynamic environment, where remote working is becoming the norm for many industries. Overall Lime is a single interface platform that is ultra-efficient, extremely flexible, easy to use and capable of handling end to end banking operations,” adds Co-Founder and CEO of LinearSix, Mr. Mario Gooneratne.

For banks and financial organizations looking to amp their operations with digital advancement, Lime is a seamless business value generator that is easy to implement. Understanding the complexities of change in any company, LinearSix is fully accommodative and flexible to companies’ concerns, preferred pace of change and internal acceptability. “We realize that companies need flexibility and we offer them accelerators to solve their business problems with the possibility of customizing to their speed and agility,” affirmed Mr. Thomas.

Focused on employee experience, Lime enables users to hit the ground running, and requires minimum training and familiarization. LinearSix offers its fullest support to handhold companies throughout the implementation process and afterwards, to ensure that organizations make the best out of Lime. Comprising of a well-balanced leadership team which synergizes through the combination of business domain and technical skills, LinearSix is no stranger to business operations and local culture, and is fully equipped to help companies transform through automation and operational excellence.

Lime currently powers a number of banking giants in Sri Lanka and has been instrumental in these companies’ journey of making ground-breaking digital transformations. Powering companies for the past four years, it is a harbinger of true digital transformation to the Sri Lankan banking and financial sector.

The Sri Lankan banking sector is known for its strength, stability, brand recognition and significant customer reach. Today Banks are finding ways to improve collaboration between the banking sector and innovative tech solution providers such as LinearSix to the benefit of both parties and, more importantly, to their customers.