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Banking & Finance.

Welcome to LinearSix, the premier provider of modern and flexible technology solutions for the banking industry.


Our team specializes in helping banks navigate the challenges of legacy systems, which can be costly to maintain, inflexible to change, and hinder a customer-centric approach. With our cutting-edge digital solutions and expertise in core banking and digital transformation, we can help you unlock the full potential of your organization.


Our proprietary solution, Lime, enables banks to leverage the power of data analytics and realize the benefits of flexibility and visibility at the backend. Let us help you take your banking services to the next level with our innovative and modern approach.

Banking Solutions

Core Banking

Next-Generation Core Banking Solutions in Partnership with Finacle by Infosys

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in implementing the Finacle core banking solution by Infosys, allowing us to offer our clients robust and reliable implementation and maintenance. Our expertise extends beyond implementation; we also provide management services once the system goes live, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted operations. Additionally, we offer comprehensive customization services to tailor the system to your unique needs, providing a comprehensive solution that aligns with your business goals.

Digital Banking

Designing banking around the customer


At LinearSix, we understand the importance of engagement banking (digital banking, as your customers will know it) and how it can help banks improve their customer experience. That is why we implement engagement banking solutions based on the Zoral automation platform. Zoral automation platform enables banks to create seamless and personalized customer journeys across all touchpoints, from web and mobile to branches and call centres powered with AI.


With our experienced team, we help banks to quickly and efficiently implement Zoral automation platform and create exceptional customer experiences that drive customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue growth.

Open Banking

Capitalizing data flow for a seamless banking experience.


At LinearSix, we specialize in implementing Open Banking solutions, using WSo2 products. Open Banking is a revolutionary concept that is transforming the banking industry through open APIs, allowing for new and unlimited ways to integrate disparate systems and deliver new customer experiences. Our experienced team can help you unlock the full potential of Open Banking and stay ahead of the competition in new and innovative ways. We offer end-to-end solutions that include implementation, support and customization to meet your unique requirements. Partner with us to take advantage of this powerful technology and drive innovation across your organization.


Lime – Our Proprietary Flagship Solution Transforming Lending


At LinearSix, we specialize in lending transformation through our proprietary solution, Lime. We understand the importance of providing an engaging, relevant, and personalized lending experience to your customers. With Lime, financial institutions can transform their loan origination process across retail, corporate, and mortgage segments. Our solution features an omnichannel customer experience platform, Lime’s dynamic case management, and a credit decision hub at its core, providing a consistent and seamless experience across all channels while safeguarding the financial wellbeing of your customers.


Our lending transformation services include a lending origination transformation roadmap and prioritization assessment, redesign of complex business rules, process orchestration, harmonization of business processes and rules across multiple entities, renewal of legacy capabilities through APIs and business services, and workflow orchestration. With our expertise and Lime’s capabilities, we can help your financial institution stay ahead in the lending industry and provide the best possible experience for your customers, and your frontline and backend staff, all at the same time.

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